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Welcome to your luxurious home away from home.

Just one week, seven days that’s all we need to share our beautiful World with you.

We know what it’s like to lead a busy life.
The cost of being switched on 24/7.
It means your own well-being takes a backseat, kids, work, family, money, shopping, cleaning, etc, etc.

We understand the true value of slowing down. With over 35 years of retreat and overseas travel experience, we know first-hand how putting yourself first, and making yourself a priority, restores your energy, and fills your cup.


Beautiful Bali provides the perfect backdrop for this.

You are invited to experience absolute indulgence, being nurtured, supported and pampered so you can return home with a full tank.

Luxury Baliessence retreats allows you to experience freedom from all the responsibilities of daily life
it’s like a cruise without the seasickness.

The only decision you need to make is which spa treatment, which cocktail and which Balinese delicacy to try. Our retreat packages have been meticulously crafted to ensure you have freedom and flexibility to meet you on a unique holiday goals.

Whether you’re needing rest and rejuvenation or a little more creative or a cultural reset experience.

We have got you.

This is not a self-reflection workshop retreat; if you need to be pampered, have fun, meet like-minded new friends, stay in amazing luxurious places and explore the essence of everything amazing in Bali  –

Then Baliessence is for you.

The Experience

Your Choices

The Ruby Tour is perfect for a more intimate experience of Bali

The Pearl Tour

Boutique 4-star resort

The Ruby Tour is perfect for a more intimate experience of Bali

The Ruby Tour

Private luxury of a 5-star Villa

The Ruby Tour is perfect for a more intimate experience of Bali

The Diamond Tour

6-star pure luxury indulgence

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Our Bali adventures include:

and so much more!

Your Hosts

Hello, and welcome to Bali!

We’re Robyn Smith and Danina Scrivenor, the founders of BaliEssence Retreat Tours. Our passion and local knowledge provides both an intimate and expansive retreat experience in a high luxury setting.


The Hair Crème Bath

The Hair Crème Bath

One of my favourite things to do when I visit Bali is to go to a day spa and treat myself to a hair creme bath. It’s basically getting your hair not just washed but massaged with a special creme. Before you say that it’s too simple and not worthy to be a Bali retreats...

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Cooking Balinese Style

Cooking Balinese Style

I decided to organise a cooking lesson for my guests. They were all really interested, so we looked at a cooking school on the internet, but they really wanted to cook in a home with a mum. Sascha came up with an idea to ask our friend Leko’s wife, Made. I stay with...

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Dressed in traditional Balinese dress, my friend Leko and I made our way to cleanse and pray at the temple. We had a small bowl of flowers – a mix of frangipani, hibiscus, cempaka, and what looked like geranium and several sticks of incense as our offering. Along with...

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Had an amazing time from the time I got off the plane until I was on the plane I was treated like a queen. The villa was luxurious and the pool and spa were divine. Every meal was awesome and the tours were sooo good. I was hesitant going by myself to Bali but the other ladies I met on the tour were lovely and I have come away with new friends. Thankyou Danina and Robyn I will be back with friends lol

Denys Maciejewski

I recommend this place for anyone looking for relaxation and mind therapy, while enjoying the beautiful scenery and humble people

Carolyn Oakley

I went to Bali in December 23 and was introduced to Baliessence.  Danina had a number of activities organised as well as lots of good restaurants to eat, painting classes, swimming, great places to watch the Bali sunset, visited the Monkey and Elephant park and we visited a woodcarving retailer. QUALITY work with quality wood. Beautiful. 

The highlight was my visit to healer Wayan.  I WAS SKEPTICAL…….I am converted. I have gone from taking 6 osteo panadol a day, to the occasional 2 with breakfast.  PAIN HAS GONE. thankyou Wayan. You have made my days so much easier .  I loved my time in Bali and was so glad I spent it with somebody who knew the places to go, people to see, food to eat and the Genius WAYAN. Thanks Danina.

Lynne Robyn Southgate 

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