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General FAQs:

  • Is it safe for tourists to go to Bali?

Yes. In our opinion Bali is as safe as anywhere else in the world. And just as any tourist destination in the world that has suffered an unfortunate event, I also feel that the media has greatly sensationalised the dangers of travelling to Bali.


  • Before going to Bali, should I get traveller’s vaccines/shots?

We recommend that travellers visit their doctor before departing to discuss vaccinations.


  • What are my must-haves for travel to Bali?

– A current passport with 6 months validity
– Visa on arrival $50AUD obtained at Arrivals at the airport.
– A completed customs form resulting in a bar code (we shall send you the link).
– A receipt for tourist tax (we will also send the link).
All information on what you need will be outlined in an information sheet that you will receive before the tour, along with a Bali essentials package on the morning of your arrival to Bali during the tour’s welcoming session.


About the tour:

  • Are your tours for women only? If not, can I bring my children or husband along with me?

Yes our tours are for women, who are mostly over 50, or who have retired, who want to travel.


  • How are your tours unique from other Bali retreat tours?

Keeping our tours small provides an opportunity to experience Bali off the beaten track, showcasing Bali’s people, culture, amazing environment and activities. We love to be indulgent and travel in luxury, so we provide this personally curated service, focusing on relaxation and fun.


  • What are the activities that I should expect if I join your tour?

In organising the tours we try to design activities that emanate from Balinese culture, such as visiting temples, day spas, curated shopping tours, art and cooking classes , and visiting local healers.

Or if you want to chill and just do a few of the tours that’s ok too.


  • Are the tours in Bali only? Will there be a chance to visit nearby places while on the tour too?

Currently all tours concentrate on exploring Bali – there’s plenty to see and do!


  • How many people are in your tour group?

The numbers in a tour are kept small. A maximum of ten guests is the usual size of a tour. This is so that everyone can fully immerse themselves in the people and culture of Bali.


  • How long is each tour planned for?

At present we have a seven (7) day tours available


  • Do the tours also include accommodation? If not, is it okay for me to get my own accommodation and just join the tours?

All tours include accommodation from the start date to the end date.


  • Are meals included in the tour fee?

All meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, in-house and also at some of Ubud’s premier restaurants.


  • Is transportation also inclusive of the tour?

Transportation is included in the tour , airport pickup as well.


  • How early should I make my reservations if I want to join the tour?

The earlier the better. But the ideal date is two months (60 days) before your chosen tour schedule, especially for new or first-time travellers.


  • Is there a tour schedule I can check?

Yes. You will get the full itinerary upon paying your deposit.


  • What are the forms of payment you accept?

We accept bank transfers, PayPal, and cash. Further details will be given via email.


  • If, for some reason, I can’t join the tour, can I get another schedule? Is it possible to refund my payment?

It is possible to reschedule for another tour, and for another person, if you can’t attend. Our full terms and conditions and payment schedule (if paying by instalment) will be sent upon payment of deposit.

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